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AmandaSteene Cosmetics
Where: 2017 Lakeshore Road, Burlington, ON
Phone: 289-828-5015
Email: info@amandasteene.com

Our Philosophy

Every women is special and unique in their own way. At AmandaSteene Cosmetics we are here to bring an experience that will give you your own personalized custom cosmetics to suit your special day or everyday. Colour has a personality of its own and I want to help you find your perfect match. We are here to take away the stress of not being able to find the right colour. 

Our Vision

As a makeup artist for many years working with brides, makeup clients and many cosmetic companies I want to eliminate the amount of products and simplify your makeup regime by creating the colour(s) that you love and that suit your complexion. At AmandaSteene Cosmetics we want you to be the individual you have always been and enhance your radiant self.

About me

I grew up in the honeymoon capital of the world, Niagara Falls. As a young girl I was always into girly things – I loved my outfits, my purses, and most of all my mother’s makeup. I would always enter colouring contests and usually win first or second prizes. I loved colour, everything in my life had to be bright and full of colour. From a young age I would always borrow my mom’s lipstick and play in her makeup bag. It seems everyone knew that with my creative side that I would working in an artistic field. Not to mention art was always my favourite subject.  I have always been very adventurous and spent a lot of time travelling and trying new exotic foods, interacting with different local cultures, and enjoying all activites that were available around the world. I love culture and getting to know new people from all walks of life. In my twenties I decided to make my passion for makeup my profession.  This passion only gets stronger as the years go by and I have been very grateful to have worked in the industry with many talented and amazing beautiful people. I have been a makeup artist for over ten years now, and have worked with Mac Cosmetics, Motives, and freelence. I have spent time doing photoshoots, special events, small independent films, music videos and working in the wedding industry with brides and bridal parties. My experience and travels led me to never take things for granted, and I became inspired to want to build a company and make perfect cosmetics for all you wonderful people out there. Over the years I’ve noticed that I usually had to blend different foundations together to try and get a close match for all enthicities . But having said that it was never exact. I know how tough it is to go to a retail store and have someone tell you what foundation you should be wearing and when you take it home it just doesn’t seem right. This makeup struggle has been a positive inspiration for me. The creation of AmandaSteene Cosmetics has begun. 

Our services

Our main focus is custom-making natural cosmetics to suit every individual’s needs and wants. Today we customize lipstick, lip gloss, mineral liquid foundation and concealer. Soon we will be adding custom eye-shadow, custom pressed powders, and custom skincare! We create your personalized look with your new Custom Formulated Products and then complete the look with complementary products from our full cosmetic line.

We offer onsite wedding makeup services, makeup trials, makeup application, and makeup lessons. Bring in your discontinued lipstick samples for us to analyze the colour, texture and pigment coverage. We can re-create the lipstick you love most.

Never forget, you are unique, and your makeup should be too!


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