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Anise Apothecary: Meet Monique & Saska
Posted: Apr 29, 2016

In the spirit of Mother’s Day this May we want to celebrate all the moms that make our downtown a special place to work and play.

We applaud and recognize those mothers & daughters and mothers & sons that work together in business everyday.

Monique & Saska from Anise Apothecary

  1. How long have you two been working together?

“At Anise Apothecary … since December 2012 … but my mom and I have been working together for years! We lived in the North of England for a while and we managed a health food store there together.”

  1. Why did you decide to work together/open a business together/come on-board?

“When we came back to Burlington from the UK it just seemed natural for us to continue to promote a healthy and natural beauty consciousness as a lifestyle – and Burlington seemed like the right place to do it. We’re a modern take on the old apothecary stores – eco-friendly and non-toxic products that nourish from the inside out. We’re both passionate about what we do.”

  1. How do you balance work-life with your personal-relationship?

“We don’t have personal lives – haha! I think we’re lucky because work doesn’t ever really ever feel like work. It doesn’t feel like a job … so the two just kind of blend into one … and I guess I bring my personal life to work with me everyday – my daughter Freya is going to be third generation Anise Apothecary! Just as soon as she learns to work the debit machine.”

  1. What’s the best thing about working with your mom? 

“Just being able to work with her – to spend time with her … it’s the three of us … mom, me and Freya. We’re able to bounce ideas off one another, and I get to see my mom every day … we’ve always been really close. My mom worked with her parents too, so I come from a long line of family business owners. It’s nice to carry on that tradition.”

  1. Do you have any Mother’s Day plans (ie lunch/dinner out, visit a spa, special trip planned)?

  “We’ll be working, but at least we’ll be together!”

  1. Is there anything special you want to say about your mom?

“I’ve always admired her independence … I’m not sure I’ve ever told her that.”


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