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My View: by local guest blogger Sara Rams
Posted: Apr 14, 2014

downtown-burlington-sara-blogIt’s just before 7am on a Sunday morning and my retriever is doing her morning paces. Click click. Click click click click…. I roll over in bed…Click click. Click click. C’mon mom! Time to get up! ….

Don’t you realize it’s Sunday, dog?

The clicking on my hardwood floor has become my morning alarm these days. Sunday mornings are no exception. Alright Kiros, I’m up! I groggily put on my boots and coat. The walk I promised her is all she can think about.

I admit, I don’t walk near enough in this beautiful neighbourhood. I think about this as we walk down Caroline Street enjoying the crispness of the early morning. It feels great to be up early. What a perfect way to start my Sunday. The sun is shining and so is Kiros.

You are so smart, dog.

As we hit Brant Street I notice the large inflatables down the way, and I am reminded it’s the Chilly Half Marathon & Frosty 5 km this morning. It’s one of the biggest winter events in Burlington, and here I am with Kiros to witness set-up before the masses arrive. The energy is buzzing. With close to 4500 participants on their way to HQ at Burlington Performing Arts Centre, this crew has their hands full … Who knew it takes over 500 volunteers to make this race a reality!

Click on this link and you may decide to put this amazing event on your bucket list for 2015. We will be! Our family takes part in the Santa Run in December and The Moon in June. Both events are incredibly organized and full of spirit whether you run or walk. We’ve never considered this race, but I’m excited to learn that it not only caters to long distance runners, but includes the lighter 5km option appealing to the whole family.

chilly-half-marathon-burlington-225x300Kiros and I walk on, passing all the little shops and restaurants that line Brant Street. Such eye candy for me, and lots of good things to sniff for Kiros.

The sun beams down and I return to my thoughts.

Why am I not enjoying these walks more often?

Why is it I drive everywhere I go?

I drive the kids to soccer, to hockey, to music lessons, to Kumon… I live a few blocks from Downtown Burlington. Why is it I don’t take more time to enjoy all of these great things at my doorstep?

The first thing that comes to mind is the speed of my life. It never seems there is a moment to spare.

On one hand,  I love that our kids are involved in many things that encourage them educationally, physically and socially. We do lots.

On the other hand, I think it’s equally important that we create an environment where our family can slow down and connect with each other at home and in our neighbourhoods.

I love the simple joys of having no plans whatsoever, letting family life find a pulse of it’s own.  From Sunday night dinners to skating at Spencer Smith to trekking around town to find the best hot chocolate. Who doesn’t want to savor these moments, and the brilliant community events, activities & shops that are at our fingertips? I love this side of life and I’d like it to play a bigger role in our lives.

How to slow down? How to incorporate time to walk, to wonder, to drop in and stay awhile. It seems a luxury to have time on my hands to “walk” not “run.”

Kiros, your walk has inspired a challenge for your mother: Time for me to get out of the car!  This month I will challenge my family to walk more, and to take the time to explore what’s happening down the street and around the corner.  Let’s see what it takes to slow down. And what good things come of it.

We live in one of the most vibrant, prized cities in Canada. It’s time to enjoy it! Do you find the same thing? Are you often confined by your schedule when you’d like to do more in the core? Join me in my challenge! Get out of your car…. and see where your feet take you this month!!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

~ Sara

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